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Well Women Checkup

A yearly physical with a pap smear is recommended. Since the introduction of the pap smear deaths from invasive cervical cancer has been reduced up to 70 %. It remains one of the most important responsibilities for the gynecologist.

This examination includes inspection and palpation of

  • the vulva
  • the vagina
  • the pelvic organs

For the pap smear a speculum is carefully placed in the vagina so that the vaginal walls are separated just enough to visualize the cervix.
The cervix is swabbed superficially and the cells that are obtained are rolled out onto a microscope slide. This examination is not painful.

Above the age of 40 years a rectal examination is performed to better evaluate the region behind the vagina and the rectal vault for tumors.

The breast examination includes inspection for skin or nipple changes. During the palpation the breast is examined for any changes in texture or lumps.