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Reception Area

We would like to make your visit in our office as pleasant as possible. Our reception area was conceived so that patients can express their concerned and to arrange consultation appointments with as little waiting time in the office when possible.

Consultation room

In the consultation room problems, concerns and other issues can be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Our Lab

Our lab is used for the nurse to take a short medical history in a private atmosphere so that she can make necessary preparations for the visit with the doctor. Blood pressure is measured and if necessary blood can be drawn here. For your safety, all medical instruments are cleaned and sterilized using a modern automated sterilizing instrument washer and autoclave.

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Electronic Fetal Heart Monitoring

During pregnancy an electronic fetal heart monitor is used, when medically indicated, to check the well-being of the baby and for recording contractions or ruling-out labor.

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Das Wartezimmer

Auch bei optimaler Terminierung, bleiben Wartezeiten nicht aus. Für Tee oder Wasser, sowie ausreichend Lesestoff ist gesorgt.

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Extra room (U1)

In this room all routine gynecological exams are performed. Here is also where all the specialize equipment is found to perform consultations for dysplasia (work-ups for HPV).

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Extra room (U2)

The practice utilizes a high-end, high-resolution ultrasound for breast and obstetric diagnostics with Philips ® pure-wave technology, including 3/4D, duplex /doppler and elastography (strain and shear) modes.

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