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Breast Care Clinic
Breast Reconstruction

In some instances surgery requires the removal of larger portions of the breast or the entire breast (mastectomy). If so desired reconstruction can be performed using implants or by transferring tissue from other areas of the body.


  • In most instances a silicone implant can be placed under the breast muscle. This procedure is considerd relatively low risk and requires only a few days of inpatient hospital care.
  • Transplantation of skin, fatty tissue and muscle from the lower abdomen is commonly used procedure for breast reconstruction (TRAM FLAP). A prerequisite is having enough tissue for transplantation. As a result a „tummy tuck“ or tightening of the skin in the lower abdomen is also peformed.
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  • The same procedure can be performed without muscle tissue with the same results (DIEP FLAP). Both the TRAM and DIEP procedures are longer surgeries and require a longer stay in the hospital.